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Phụ kiện máy đo CMM Hexagon

GLOBOX Enclosure

The new GLOBOX enclosure for GLOBAL models is a cost-effective solution for measurements in the production environment and is suitable for all measuring applications where protection from the surrounding environment is needed. Available for GLOBAL models 07.05.05, 07.07.05, 07.10.05 and 07.10.07.

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I/O Flow Manager

I/O Flow Manager is the complete integration solution for installing coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) into a production cell. The all-in-one hardware and software package enables manufacturers to integrate quality assurance directly into production with minimal pre-programming or operator training.

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FIVE U-nique Fixturing System

FIVE U-nique, a fully programmable flexible fixturing option which allows accurate fixtures to be rapidly built for an unlimited number of part configurations to provide support and reference to the workpiece.

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