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Styli and Accessories

Every application is different, which is why Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence offers a wide range of different types of stylus components and accessories. From extensions to adapters, from rotary to swivel joints, Hexagon offers the most suitable accessories for even the most challenging applications.

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PC-DMIS EDM Preset & Measure

PC-DMIS EDM Preset and Measure is both a software performing presetting tasks easily and safely, and a software accomplishing accurate and thorough quality controls on electrodes and workpieces. When installed on a GLOBAL Silver coordinate measuring machine from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, PC-DMIS EDM Preset and Measure provides an extremely accurate CNC workstation for quality control, suitable for any workcell, regardless of its level of automation.

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I++ Simulator

The I++ Simulator option is a stand-alone software package for the simulation of the complete measuring process. Realistic and comprehensive collision monitoring can only be carried out by visualising the complete process (machine, sensor, tool changers, tools, fixture and part).

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DEA DIGISCAN – Automatic reverse engineering for CMMs

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DataPage+ SPC

The days when using SPC was optional, when it was something that might be worth investigating someday are long gone. Today, any company that wants to be competitive knows that SPC is the most useful processes control tool available.

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QUINDOS is the most powerful analysis tool for many types of coordinate measuring devices and differing applications, mainly in power plant, automotive, aircraft and machine tool powertrain industries. The database structure contains all of the measurement data, making it available for further processing and reporting. A host of very special functions improves the efficiency of measuring process.

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PC-DMIS for bridge and gantry CMMs

PC-DMIS CMM is the world’s leading Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) Software with over 70,000 seats in place worldwide. Use its powerful capabilities to measure everything from simple prismatic parts to the most complex aerospace and automotive components.

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