DEA DIGISCAN – Automatic reverse engineering for CMMs

DIGISCAN is an automatic continuous scanning system for digitizing free-form surfaces and contours using Hexagon Menufacturing Intelligence coordinate measuring machines equipped with analogue scanning probes. It is an affordable, all purpose environment that supports model and/or die and mold copying, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and light milling for style centers and die and mold industry.

DIGISCAN adopts advanced man-machine communication techniques, based on windows, icons and computer graphics, for the simple and intuitive management of powerful continuous scanning programs in a standard Microsoft Windows environment.

DIGISCAN is capable of controlling the scanning process of any kind of surfaces, in both profiling and contouring mode, according to various data acquisition criteria and control strategies. An automatic data filtering function allows the real time generation of surface point files free from spikes and spurious data which can be further processed without having to be previously cleaned.

DIGISCAN hardware, installed within the CMM controller and based on PID (Proportional – Integral – Derivative controller) and “look ahead”  techniques (widely used in industrial control systems), allows high scanning speed and good metrology performance on a wide range of CMMs including bridge, gantry and horizontal ones.

Its multitasking operating system allows the simultaneous management of multiple processes, such as the control of the CMM in continuous scanning mode, the 3D display of previously digitized surfaces and the transfer of scanning data files to external devices.

Nội dung hiện chưa được cập nhật.Vui lòng quay lại sau !!!

Nội dung hiện chưa được cập nhật.Vui lòng quay lại sau !!!

Nội dung hiện chưa được cập nhật.Vui lòng quay lại sau !!!


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