Vibration, temperature, humidity, crash notifications, luminosity, air pressure and the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) current status – all in one convenient place.

PULSE is unlike any device we’ve ever made, connecting and monitoring your CMM like never before. We implemented this system to be as easy and intuitive as possible. So, we deployed innovative ways to select, navigate and consume vital machine environmental statistics that are ideally suited to today’s fast-paced lean manufacturing conditions.

Designed to ensure data integrity while also improving safety and security in modern shop-floor inspection conditions, PULSE uses a network of sensors to record variations in temperature, vibration and humidity in the vicinity of your CMM. PULSE also offers equipment status alerts and crash notifications. All of this information is available on the central dashboard for operators to access at any time.

Through the implementation of new user experience (UX) features, users can immediately understand the information presented from the moment they enter the dashboard. The PULSE interface is simple and modern. Visually reminiscent of what you’re used to seeing in modern consumer technology, it is designed around simple iconography and touch gestures that already come naturally. Navigation is fluid and responsive and the arrangement is simple and orderly. All of which means you’ll know your way around PULSE in virtually no time.

With customisable sensor packages, PULSE is built to know your environment better. The CMM is your metrology hub for collecting data about your manufacturing and inspection processes, and PULSE is designed to support these quality control processes throughout the day. It provides a comprehensive picture of your inspection activities, suggests optimal measurement efficiencies and provides actionable information for your quality environment.

Nội dung hiện chưa được cập nhật.Vui lòng quay lại sau !!!

Nội dung hiện chưa được cập nhật.Vui lòng quay lại sau !!!

Nội dung hiện chưa được cập nhật.Vui lòng quay lại sau !!!


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