Remote Terminals

Apart from the standard Jogbox, which comes with most Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence CMMs, there are several options for remote operation of some machines. Remote operation is particularly suitable for large bridge, gantry and horizontal arm CMMs where at times the operator needs to perform operations whilst away from the standard computer terminal.

Three remote control options are available for use with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence CMMs with varying levels of capability*:Wireless Jogbox:
It is available as an option with most new CMMs. It is particularly useful for large CMMs or if the CMM operator works in conditions where Jogbox cables can cause an inefficiency. The Wireless Jogbox performs the same functions as the standard Jogbox.

KVM Remote Unit:
This unit performs the simple function of a remote Keyboard, Videoscreen and Mouse (KVM). It offers a low cost solution to allow remote operation of the CMM’s host PC. The system is independent of any application software.

This unit offers the same capability as the KVM with the addition of functions specific for your CMM. The main feature are the dedicated keys (KEYPAD) that allow the operator to directly address some application functions with a simple touch. For this reason the UNITERM 03 is particularly useful for performing part programming in learn mode on large CMMs.

*Compatibility depends on machine controllers, firmware revision level and host PC.

Nội dung hiện chưa được cập nhật.Vui lòng quay lại sau !!!

Nội dung hiện chưa được cập nhật.Vui lòng quay lại sau !!!

Nội dung hiện chưa được cập nhật.Vui lòng quay lại sau !!!


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