The Leitz SIRIO coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) have proved themselves over the decades within quality assurance for production both on and off the shop-floor. To tackle a virtually limitless number of measuring tasks, these CMMs are equipped with an automatic probe changing system, rotary table and pallet system.

The Leitz SIRIO SX and Leitz SIRIO BX utilise the latest Prime technologies for fast, accurate and reliable measurements, enabling high throughput for the production line with maximum cost effectiveness.

For the automatic combination of tactile and optical sensor technology within a single measurement procedure, the Leitz SIRIO BX is equipped with SENMATION SX, a special adapted version of the SENMATION automated sensor changing system for the Leitz SIRIO platform. This sensor interface allows the automated change between the HP-S-X1C tactile probe and the PRECITEC S optical sensor.

PrimeTherm Technology

With PrimeTherm technology, Leitz SIRIO SX and Leitz SIRIO BX are thermally stable. PrimeTherm is based on a number of different innovations. The first is the machine body, which is made from a special temperature-stable material. Secondly a medium is pumped through the machine body to even out the internal temperatures. Thanks to PrimeTherm technology, the Leitz SIRIO SX and Leitz SIRIO BX can operate without a climate control system, running highly-accurate measuring routines within a temperature range of 15 °C to 40 °C.

PrimeScan Technology

The PrimeScan technology is combined with PrimeScan sensor, which is available only on the Leitz SIRIO SX and Leitz SIRIO BX. The measurement head provides highly-accurate measurements with excellent high-speed scanning performance. PrimeScan technology offers new features for safe measuring and ease of handling of the probe heads, while leaving no opportunity for operating errors or incorrect measurements.

PrimeCare Technology

Offering safety benefits, higher availability of the measuring machine and lower maintenance costs, PrimeCare technology takes good care of the CMM and the cost effectiveness of quality assurance. Crashes of any kind are best avoided and that’s exactly what the collision-avoiding axes successfully ensure by detecting any forces that exceed the set acceleration values. The axes take avoiding action immediately and come to an emergency stop to prevent damage to the measurement head.

Ceramic Components

Core components are made of engineering ceramics for high stability.

Component Decoupling

Load-bearing components are decoupled from the metrological frame and the drive introduces no drive forces that could influence the measurement results.

Low Centre of Gravity

The low centre of gravity increases stability, vibration resistance and throughput.


The SENMATION SX automated sensor changing system, designed specifically for the Leitz SIRIO BX CMM, allows the combination of tactile and optical sensors within one measurement routine.


X stroke

Y stroke

Z stroke









Building a world where quality drives productivity

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence helps industrial manufacturers develop the disruptive technologies of today and the life-changing products of tomorrow. As a leading metrology and manufacturing solution specialist, our expertise in sensing, thinking and acting – the collection, analysis and active use of measurement data – gives our customers the confidence to increase production speed and accelerate productivity while enhancing product quality.

Through a network of local service centres, production facilities and commercial operations across five continents, we are shaping smart change in manufacturing to build a world where quality drives productivity.

Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions. We are putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, and quality across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, safety, and mobility applications. Our technologies are shaping urban and production ecosystems to become increasingly connected and autonomous — ensuring a scalable, sustainable future.

Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B) has approximately 20,000 employees in 50 countries and net sales of approximately 3.8bn EUR.

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