The motorized gauge MICRO-HITE+M is distinguished first of all by its exclusive patented hand-wheel for displacement (FEEL&MOVE technology) that combines fast probe positioning with fluid execution of a measurement sequence. Universal machine developed for workshops and for laboratories that can be integrated as close as possible to the user. Indeed, the robustness of its cast iron base and frame make it to a reliable instrument that guarantees an excellent repeatability and precision in any kind of conditions. It is not only equipped with 1D basis functions, but also with advanced measuring modes (angle, programming, 2D, …) that are welcome when certain metrological requirements become more constraining. With the integrated patented QUICKCENTER technology, the height gauge gives clear indications not only when certain capturing simple points but they become a proven advantage for the determination of the culmination points. Each MICRO-HITE+M is delivered with a free measuring certificate SCS (Swiss Calibration Service) avoiding any additional extra cost due to a re-certification of the instrument directly after purchase.

• PANEL – Hybrid with colour touch screen and keyboard – Refined keyboard for easy use without confusion – Adjustable support for optimal reading of the screen at any time • AUTONOMY – Rechargeable battery is interchangeable – Infinite autonomy with a second reserve battery • MEASUREMENT – Patented QUICKCENTER technology integrated to efficiently determine the culmination points – Advanced functions for a multi-task instrument, accessible to all users – Context-based help to avoid incorrect use and bad results – Clear results to decrease possible errors due to bad interpretation of the displayed results • COLUMN – Robust cast-iron construction to guarantee longevity and stability of the results in the long term – Control handle incorporating FEEL&MOVE technology for fast and precise positioning of the measuring probe • DATA MANAGEMENT – Sending values to computer via TLC port – Automatic creation of pdf reports or txt file on USB stick – Data printing via USB printer • SCS CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE – Free SCS certificate provided to prevent any additional cost for re-calibration directly after the initial purchase

Measuring force

1,6 ± 0,25 N


mm / in


Factory standard


0,0001 / 0,001 / 0,01 mm 0.00001 / 0.0001 / 0.001 in



Coefficient of linear expansion

11,5 x 10-6 K-1


Cast iron base and frame


Model 350: 33 kg Model 600: 37 kg Model 900: 45 kg

Power supply

Power connection Battery rechargeable interchangeable


Measuring probe can be displaced (motorised) with a displacement wheel Air cushion system


8 hours (with a battery block) Infinite (with two battery blocks)

Included in delivery

SCS calibration certificate Declaration of conformity

Data output


Established in 1941 and headquartered in Renens, Switzerland, TESA manufactures and markets precision measuring instruments that stand for quality, reliability and longevity.

For more than 75 years, TESA has distinguished itself in the market through its excellent products, its unique expertise in micromechanics and precision machining as well as its proven experience in dimensional metrology.

The TESA brand is the global market leader in the field of height gauges and a pioneer thanks to its wide range of instruments, including callipers, micrometers, dial gauges, lever-type dial test indicators and inductive probes. TESA is a true benchmark for the inspection of incoming goods, as well as for production workshops and quality assurance laboratories.

Through its worldwide distribution network the company focuses on the mechanical engineering, micromechanical, automotive, aerospace, watchmaking and medical industries.

In 2001, TESA became part of Hexagon, a leading global provider of information technologies.


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